Gay Pride Parade at Disney???

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Ok. I honestly have no problem with anyone’s sexual preferences. I do not pass judgment on anyone who believes that he or she is following their heart. I know it sounds like a cliché to say this, but I have some gay friends and relatives whom I dearly love. So, please understand that this post is not an attempt to bash homosexual and transgender people. It is, simply, my concern over the way certain groups portray gay people.

Specifically, I am talking about the Gay Pride Parades that make their appearances as the weather turns warmer. (There is a reason for this timing…if you’ve ever been to one and seen how little some of the attendees wear, you would understand). Why on earth would anyone want to have their lifestyle portrayed as it is during these parades is a question I would like to have answered. I get it. You are proud that you are gay or transgender and want the world to know that you are not hiding in a closet (so to speak) anymore. But does that mean that you are closely associated to the men I witnessed who roller-bladed by wearing nothing but a thong with a brightly colored feather boa attached? Or are you trying to get people to think that being gay means that you have to wear neon orange, fuzzy, tiny underwear and nothing else? Because if these are requirements to be included in the group, I can imagine why so many people choose to stay in their closets!

A couple march dressed as bride and groom during the Gay Pride Parade in New York

Michael and I can speak first-hand about seeing these and many more outlandish behaviors at one of the world’s largest Gay Pride Parades around. We happened to be in Manhattan for my uncle’s funeral when the parade took place there a few years ago. I have to tell you that I was embarrassed for the normal gay people who were trying to represent themselves by marching. They were almost invisible due to the overly outrageous dress and demeanor of so many of the participants. To me, it was like going to a rally to support the 2nd Amendment and having more than half of the people there decked out in full battle dress and shooting live rounds into the air. There is a line that, when crossed, ceases to promote a positive image of your group. Shag carpet underwear and thong-wearing roller-blading is that line, in my opinion. How about putting more emphasis on the second word in the title, “PRIDE”, and showing that you have some?

People take part in the 15th Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo

I debated for a while on whether or not to even post this discussion. I truly do not want to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad. But when I received an email stating that Disney was planning to have a Gay Pride Parade at its parks on June 1st, visions of what we saw in Manhattan crowded my brain. All I could think of was that the families and children who were on their summer vacations at Disney would be subjected to this nightmare. Remove the word “Gay” from the title and I still believe strongly that adults who behave the way some of the group’s parade participants do have no business being seen by young children. Families have rights too. I only hope that Disney makes it abundantly clear to everyone, well in advance, that this parade will be present in their park on June 1st. That way, at least, families are given the opportunity to stay away, if they choose.

By the way…where is the next “Straight Pride Parade” being held? How about a “Family Values Parade” or a “Christian Pride Parade”? I promise that almost everyone will come to these events fully dressed in non-suggestive clothing. Blessings, my friends.